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Nov 8, 2017

Rough night? Are you feeling like a zombie while you wait for your kiddo to get the hint about how many hours to sleep? How do you know if your child’s sleep habits are totally off the wall or within reason? Tara Hess, owner of Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting shares 5 things that are preventing your child from sleeping well at night and answers to questions from the audience (how long do you try a sleep method? Transitioning from to a crib. Night terrors. Bed wetting. Resetting the clock after daylight savings time. Sleep needs for kids that won’t sleep through the night. How to help eczema kids sleep through the night despite eczema scratching.)

Resources mentioned:
Sunday night Q&A:
ScratchMeNot onesies (mentioned for eczema kiddos before we hit the record button to help with scratching):
Less Stressed Approach to Eczema Healing:
Tara Blosche: Physical therapist for bedwetting in the OK and surrounding areas.