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Pssstttt... Have you heard of The Less Stressed Life? I created it FOR YOU to help you minimize the overall stress and inflammation in life, whether it's food-related, emotional or spiritual. Topics include getting stuff done, reducing inflammation, sleep, gut health, food sensitivities, integrative nutrition, lifestyle medicine, relationships, friendships, relaxation, life hacks and of course, kitchen ninja tricks. Anything that helps you sit in the driver’s seat of your own happiness and less stress is fair game.  There are so many pieces to living our best life. I want to curate those tools and practices for you. Let’s do this.

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May 2, 2018

"Hey doc, what can I do about bloating? about this nausea?"

In this episode with humble and superfun mad (food) scientist Dustin James, MD we talk about natural remedies for motion sickness, mroning sickness, stomach aches, nausea, and bloating this gastroenterologist created as a solution for his patients. And for you! We discuss how the creation of a "food product" came with an interesting learning curve, how the Doctor is on a quest to make gluten free wheat (okay, that's a sequel episode) and how Tummy Drops are helping cancer patients negate the side effects of chemotherapy. We discuss the natural plant extracts that make all off this possible and set off to save the world by talking about solutions for healthcare reform. Ha. Enjoy!

*If you're a healthcare provider, definitely get in touch with Tummy Drops to get samples for your patients. :)

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  • 02:00 What made you want to specialize in GI health?
  • 07:00 What is GI health and why is it important?
  • 12:30 What are some of the most common conditions you treat?
  • 14:30 What are the most common symptoms that you see in your practice?
  • 17:45 Testing for non celiac gluten sensitivity
  • 20:10 Is IBS a "trash can diagnosis?"
  • 24:50 Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • 30:30 Other specialities Dustin works with
  • 33:30 Challenges presented by the structure of modern day healthcare. How would you change or create a new healthcare reform?
  • 48:30 What are Tummy Drops?