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Pssstttt... Have you heard of The Less Stressed Life? I created it FOR YOU to help you minimize the overall stress and inflammation in life, whether it's food-related, emotional or spiritual. Topics include getting stuff done, reducing inflammation, sleep, gut health, food sensitivities, integrative nutrition, lifestyle medicine, relationships, friendships, relaxation, life hacks and of course, kitchen ninja tricks. Anything that helps you sit in the driver’s seat of your own happiness and less stress is fair game.  There are so many pieces to living our best life. I want to curate those tools and practices for you. Let’s do this.

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Mar 14, 2018

Host of Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn shares one of the single most important habits he integrated to reduce stress, for free, meditation.

In this episode, he speaks about improving productivity, focus, and concentration all by setting up spaces and hacks to facilitate the less stressed life.

We discuss how he went from laid-off architect to megaentrepreneur totaling multi six figures in his first year of working from home and how he balances family life, health and happiness.

He delivers some #truthbombs that if we all don't have 5 minutes to improve ourselves, something needs to change.

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